Friday, May 18, 2012

I blow my nose at you....

..and call your door-opening request a silly thing.

This is me to the poker gods today. They were gunning big-time for me, but I wouldn't give in. Didn't tilt, didn't spew. Kept my play solid and was thrilled with a 20 big blind loss on the night.

Consider the challenge I faced:

Aces cracked in a three bet pot. All club-flop, no ace of clubs for me. I bet big and my opponent calls - I'm 100% sure he has the ace of clubs, maybe top pair to go with it. I'm going to get paid.... until the club on the turn. Easy check/fold.

2 hands later, an Omaha hand, AATT, one suit. Whiff. check/fold. No biggie, it's almost a misnomer to say Omaha hands get "cracked" - there are really no big hands until we see the flop anyway. But it's still fun to say I got aces cracked twice in three hands, so I will.

A four-way pot with pocket sixes, on a JJx flop. A tight aggressive player leads out after I check. I can actually see his cold-calling hand chart in my head - he doesn't play KJ/QJ to a raise. Maybe AJ, maybe JTs as connectors. It is way more likely for me to have a jack than he. He has pocket eights-tens and is clearing the field. I checkraise.

He thinks a long time, then calls the raise. A ten on the turn, we check. I'm not even loving life if my six comes right now.

It doesn't. A rag. I give up, he rolls $45 out there. He has JT, or flopped a boat with whatever card wasn't the jack on the flop with a small pocket pair .

My personal favorite - I raise a limper with a hidden 7cTc and have two callers. Pair on the flop, gutshot+flush draw on the turn, and my flush on the river. Someone leads out for a pathetic $4 into $18, I raise it up to $22. He re-raises to $50-something.

I consider all options - is he value-3betting a worse flush, or the straight that's out there? No way. Nobody in my game is value-3betting worse, or 3bet bluffing the river. It's the nuts. Severe puke-fold for me.

What else you got, bitches? I'm still here.

Cleveland casino "trip" report (it's 0.4 miles away from my work) coming Saturday night....


Memphis MOJO said...

GL at the Cleveland casino Saturday.

~Coach said...

It's always good when poker rooms are .4 miles from your work... :) Good luck!