Monday, June 18, 2012

I play bad, still, sometimes.

Been awhile since I played bad for a whole session, but I did tonight. Stacked myself with a straight on a 3 flush board. It was hard to find a fold - we were blind vs. blind, and I convinced myself I was in a dick-measuring contest against 2 pair. I wasn't.

Lost another 30 BB convincing myself that the 12/3 reshove pushbot had AK and that I should call his 3bet all in with tens. Nope.

My last big pot lost wasn't my fault - up against a 67/8 with an overpair against 50 big blinds. I wasn't folding. He had flopped the boat.

It was an odd session, I don't think I got dealt AA/KK or QQ once in over 300 hands. I got 3bet and checkraised enough times to send Ghandi into tilt.

A weird session.

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