Friday, June 29, 2012

The truck runneth over

Perhaps the worst overall session of poker in my life tonight. My monthly Tourney ended with me with top pair and a nut flush draw backup (in Holdem, mind you) against someone who plays maybe 60% of her hands. (She won the tourney last month, by the way). Not sure how she finished this month, but she knocked me out with her dominated Ace-nine two pair vs. my Ace-queen. The poker gods mocked me with a full house on the river, after all the chips were in the middle.

That's not the bad part of the session, though. Eh, fast tourney with top pair, flush draw, and 20 big blinds. Nobody's folding, thems the breaks. The cash game afterwards was the bus wreck. I played for three hours and didn't win one hand. Not one. I got bluffed out of a pot early - it was a good fold, but it was the best hand. Then the bluffer boats up on my flush and I have to pay him off for a big river bet. Then I fold and miss flops and fold and miss flops, until I'm sitting with a short stack, and finally hit an Omaha-worthy 19 card wrap - but brick it all and a paltry top two pair wins the pot.

Ooof. The kind of night that makes you want to take a break for a few days.

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