Wednesday, August 22, 2012

and there it is...

the wipeout session, eliminating the slow, steady climb of profit for the month in one shot.

Flush over flush, aces cracked by a set of tens, kings cracked by a gutshot. 2 1/2 buy-ins wiped. (Only the aces were played non-standard, I was facing a 3bet from the button while I was the cutoff. I flatted the 3bet thinking his range was fairly wide, and vowed to check/shove any flop, especially a draw-heavy one. Flop was 78T, and in it went).

I actually love my stats this month (only 1800 hands). My VPIP/PFR is 16/12, down from 18/13 last month. 3Bet and squeeze percentages are up, cold-call% is down. I feel like I've tightened up some leaks around the edges.

Just have to run better. Back at it tomorrow.

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