Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sucky session, sucky year so far

Online poker sucks right now. Tables are nitty reg-fests where we steal each other's blinds and 3bet each other. A fish shows up and gets smoked within a dozen hands - hardly any chance to make money.

I'm down a buy-in on the year, 4300 hands. Tonight was one of those sessions where I just wasn't going to win a pot. Very rarely ever had the best hand at showdown. Pocket tens beaten by ace-jack, at least 3 flopped flush draws that never got there (played them well, stayed aggressive, just ended up with no pair on the river). Barreled the correct turn cards, got called anyway. No way, no how, was I winning a pot.

I posted a hand last week on 2+2 where I had AQ on the button and got 3bet by someone who 3bets wide. Consensus was this was an easy flat to see a flop. Tonight the situation come up again. Hit my ace on the flop and called. Hit my queen on the turn and called. River came, he bet big but I wasn't folding top two with this dynamic. He runner-runnered a backdoor flush, with 6-8 suited. Didn't even see the flush card come once my 2 pair hit. An old weakness of mine re-visited (where I stop thinking about the board once my hand gets pretty big). So much for the 2+2 advice. Played it by the book and got smoked for 50 bigs.

Poker gods told me to close up the session when I got a half stack all in on the turn with two red aces. He had two kings. The turn was a king, and the river, the fourth king, just to drive the point home. Message received.

Bad luck, bad play.