Sunday, March 17, 2013

Part 2, river call

I made one interesting call last night in the $1/$2 game.

I raised AdKc to $10 from under the gun and was called in one spot by the mark at the table. I hadn't played with him before but the regulars had advertised that this was the guy in the game worth playing with.

Flop is Ac Tc 5c. Top pair and nut flush draw for me. I like my hand vs. this guy. I lead out for $15, and he raises for $40.

It's a good raise size. I certainly have enough equity to gamble here, shoving all in can never be a huge mistake. But in case he flopped a flush, set, or two pair, I think calling is better and extracting equity if I hit. I feel I will lose less when behind but still be able to win the max when I outdraw him. I make the call.

The turn bricks and I check. He checks behind.

No flush for me on the river. I check and he bets $40.

I work through the hand. Why would a made flush check the turn? Two pair or a set might check, fearing the flush themselves. It's also possible he has the ace with the queen or jack of clubs, which I beat.

It didn't quite add up. I had seen this player fast play 2 pair on a dangerous board before, without much regard to being beating. I didn't think I would always be good, but I did think I was good often enough to make this call. I said "I want to see it" and tossed in the 8 red chips".

"Good call, I have a ten. Ace is good" he said. He didn't show his other card, but said it was a club. Seems like I would have been able to win a bit more with another club.

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