Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bet or check

Cash game this weekend went ok - lost 60BB. I'm not winning much these days, but I can't find much wrong with my play. I lost the most on 2 hands, AQ vs. AK, and JJ vs. KK, both against players that could be holding much, much worse. Coolers, nothing more.

I had one interesting decision. I raised up a limper with Queen-Jack offsuit on the button. Both blinds called me, the original limped folded. We went 3 way to the flop.

The board came king-six-four with two spades, a total whiff for me. Both players checked. I decided to c-bet the board, hoping I could get at least one fold, and then barrel against the other player on any broadway or club. However, both players called.

I was pretty much done with the hand, but the turn gave me some equity - a ten of clubs. I now had an open-ended straight draw.

Again, both players checked to me. Against one player, I would double barrel this card all day. But in this situation, vs. two players, having somewhere around 6 outs, I felt like a check was best. I couldn't count on getting two folds, and there is always the worry of a checkraise blowing me off my draw (maybe not MUCH of a worry in this straightforward game).

That way my only interesting decision on the night. It was made more interesting by the fact that I hit the nuts on the river with a red nine. I chose a bigger sized bet, 25BB (close to pot) and got INSTANTLY called by king-ten. Had I bet the turn, my river bet (and subsequent winnings) could have been even bigger. But I still think the check was best.

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BiggBlind722 said...

I think you did well to get two streets of value out of someone holding K-10. He probably thought your turn check showed weakness and that prompted him to call your river bet. If you had second barreled the turn, he may have folded right there. Good play.