Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Article for SplitSuit

The poker training website asked me to write some content for him. My first article is live! Check it out here, and maybe buy some stuff while you're at it. As always, use special checkout code NOTEBOOK to get 10% off! 

If you don't have the book "Poker Plays you can Use", btw, you need to get it right away. Available on Split's site...



Memphis MOJO said...

Sigh, I tried to leave a comment, and it blocked me (even though I entered name, e-mail address and my web site). I'm using WiFi at a McDonalds so perhaps that is why.

Anyway, great article. Terrific content and I loved the graphics.

swapna reddy said...

just now I have gone through the post I got a lot of information from your article now I can implement the tips and strategies which you had mentioned in your post and might win at holdem this time if I execute it perfectly.