Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ye old suck out

Poker players write blogs so they can complain about suckouts, right? Ok, here's mine for the night - played in a tourney tonight with insanely fast moving blinds and antes. I'm holding on in 6th place with 10 players left, out of 25 starting players. My M is only 4.8 (read Harrington 2 if you don't know what that means, you won't be sorry), but so is just about everyone else's, so I'm still trying to play some cards and wait for a good hand. Finally, it comes, KK.

Even better, I get a limper and a raiser (from the big stack). It's go time - I reraise all in. Limper folds, original raiser thinks for a second and calls with AcJs. I'm 72% to win, just avoid an A, baby! The flop comes with no A, but with 3 spades, so now any A or any spade knocks me out (11 outs, I believe). Turn bricks, things look ok, until a red A comes on the river to knock me out in 10th place. DAMMIT!!!!!

2 hours of good poker only to be knocked out on the river. Sigh.

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