Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the flush is not my friend

I'm not happy with flushes right now. I don't think I've hit one in 1000 hands. (I just checked, I haven't hit one in a month - 1000 hands is about right). Every time I go all- in, in desperation mode in a tourney, someone calls me with crap-crap suited and hits one on the river.

Just raised all-in with A6 tonight, guy calls me with JT of hearts (he had no business calling, he was an average stack, I cripple him if I win) - I actually hit an A on the flop and turn, but lose to the third heart on the river.

Also, just for kicks, I got burned tonight in ring play with a set of Qs over my set of 2s. Oof.

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