Friday, February 8, 2008

Multi-Table, some success

Well, I played a 24 man last night, and came in 4th, just into the money.

My cards were good early – I was able to go to war with some inexperienced players with good hands. At one point I got AKs on the button, then AKo the next hand, then TT the hand after that. The first two times I raised out a bunch of limpers, got one caller, then aggressively bet and took down the pot without a fight. Someone reraised me on the TT (I think they thought I was a maniac and were getting sick of me), but the flop came down all cards under a T and he checked to me, and I took down the pot again with a pot size bet.

I was chip leader with twice an average stack for a good part of the tourney, then my cards turned to dogmeat, and was often unable to play late position poker because of earlier raisers. I ended up tightening up too much and the field caught me.

It was looking iffy there at the end – 5 players left, no real short stack, but I was the lowest and had an M of about 5.2. The guy 2 to my left was the chip leader and being hyper aggressive – I knew if I could get one hand, ONE FRIGGIN HAND, I could checkraise his ass and leap back up into 2nd place. But the hand never came. Luckily – an experienced player went to war with him with AK on a 992 flop and the chipleader somehow had K9 in his hand, and I was in the money, but with barely no chips. I took my last stand with an all in raise with 89s, the chipleader looked me up with K3 of diamonds, and flushed out on me to knock me out.

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