Monday, March 17, 2008

On Fire

Played 3 FullTilt tourneys this weekend, took first place in 2 of them (no money in the third). The best was an 18 man that I played really well in, then got to 5 left and started pushing people around until I was in the money.

I have started to annotate that tourney for review purposes, and I plan on posting that annotation here when I'm done. Feel free to review my play and rip me apart.

Total stats on FT- 17 Tourneys, 94% ROI. Yes, that ROI is correct. I obviously know that this is short term variance on the good side as opposed to stellar, unbeatable play (I'm nowhere near that), but it is nice to have good results at the start of my "real money" online career.

Friday night home game didn't go so well - lost $25-$30, and the night ended in a drunken shouting match, as it does around twice a year (I was not involved in the shouting).

Look for my 18 man annotation later this week...

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