Friday, March 14, 2008

Thunder Stolen

Posted a nice win in an 18 man tourney last night - $78 from a combination of good cards (quad kings!) and decent play. Before bed, I went and checked my 2 friends to see if they were playing. Friend 1, from my home game, was playing for a bit but I turned to do something else and when I came back he was knocked out. Friend 2 was embedded in a 180 man tourney, so I gave him a call. We chatted for a bit while he was playing. His strategy was to play tighter than tight and try and take just enough to keep up with an average stack, then make his move close to or past the bubble.

Anyway, I got tired and went to bed when there were about 87 people left - he was around 34th or so. Woke up this morning to the email...

I won that tourney last night - $486. Woo-hoo!!

Very well done, sir. We chatted a bit today about the details of the end of the tourney.

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