Thursday, March 6, 2008

real money - Full Tilt

I have (finally) begun playing online for real money, at Full Tilt. I will continue to play on Poker Academy because there is a great community, plus it is a great place to try new strategies without losing your shirt over it.

Not much interesting to report on Full Tilt so far - I have played 3 tournies, all $10 buy-ins. The first was an 18 man in which I bubbled- 5th place. Then I played a 9 man and got bombed out in 8th when my two-pair got counterfeited on the river. Last night I played in another 9 man and got into the money - second place. I am down 4 dollars total in the 3 tournies.

It's an extremely small sample, but the games have been aggressive so far - there aren't many hands that you can limp into. That will require some adjustment if it turns out to be the norm.

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