Friday, March 7, 2008

not a great start to my Full Tilt career...

Ok, 5 tournies so far in Full Tilt. 1 2nd place finish, 2 bomb-outs, 2 bubbles.

Last night was a bomb-out and a bubble. In the latter, the player to my left was hyper-aggressive and giving me a ton of problems. She wouldn’t let me complete from the small blind, and I didn’t have the cards or chips to raise her most of the time, so I was just folding. She was reraising my position raises, also, and my hands were ok but not enough to go to war (A3, KTo, etc).

To make matters worse, every hand she would end up showing down was a strong hand, justifying her play (AK, KQ suited with 2 pair, etc). She went from chip leader to the bottom back up to chip leader then finally busted out in the middle. Well, that’s one way to play – call it the roller coaster.


Ok, 4 players left, top 3 get paid. Blinds are 150/300, and 3 players all have around 2500 chips (M less than 5), so none of us can be waiting around for the bubble to break. Typical bubble play – one raise usually takes it down. I’m waiting for something to play when I get KK. I try and min-raise for action but nobody bites, all I get are the blinds. Very next hand, I get A8o, and I think this is where I make a mistake – I minraise again, someone comes over the top on me. I’m pretty sure I’ve got odds to call, and if I don’t I’ll be short-stacked, so I take my shot w/ my Ace. He shows 77 and his pair holds up.

I think maybe I should have just pushed it all in w/ A8 instead of begging for a raise, I might have gotten the 77 to fold (no guarantee, though).

Once I did the minraise, though, I played it ok, I had a 43% to win the hand (according to Pokerstove), and my odds were such that I needed to win only 30% of the time.

Did a brief check of my total Full Tilt stats in Propsector to make sure I’m not making any obvious errors – 368 hands isn’t enough to go on, but everything looked ok, so I’m not worried (yet).

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