Thursday, May 15, 2008

life getting in the way of poker

Rough week for jobs, soccer, and NBA playoffs, not much time for poker. Managed to squeeze in a 9 man 2 nights ago and took second place. There were 5 players left, only 1 big stack, the other 4 (including me) were even. I didn't want to make many moves - I felt like any of these even stacks could take a shot with a wide range and put me to a tough decision. I stole a few blinds but that's about it. All of our Ms were about 6.

Finally shoved with A6 and got called by KT. We both whiffed the flop, he hit his King on the turn to start me swearing, but a lovely Ace came on the river to double me up. What, I won on a 3 outer? Mark this day down! Anyway, I consider it justice since I got my money in with the best hand - I should have won, right?

Last night I played 50 hands of the .10/.25 capped cash game - I was distracted by the Cavs/Celts so I wasn't really paying close attention, but I did win $5 on a KJ vs. KT hand and then called it a night. I should have some time tonight, finally - no soccer and no Cavs.

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