Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Played in a $20 9-man last night and the .10-.25 capped 6 man. Got my money in with the best hand 3 times and lost all three:

(tourney). AQs vs. AJs - Jack comes on the flop. 70% to win that hand when the money went in

JJ vs AK. Ace on the flop. Ahead about 52-48 on this one, just a race (but still got my money in ahead)

AK on a K37 board. Opponent calls a 2/3 size bet with 56, turn comes 8, he bets, I shove, he calls with 8 outs. One comes. About 84% to win on that one.

Ok, then, 70/50/84% to win, total wins = 0. About $36 lost. Time for a win - I need one soon...

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