Sunday, May 4, 2008

Man I suck

Full Tilt (Tournament): $20 + $2, 8 players
Sun May 04 21:06:04 EDT 2008
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taglius ($1,720)
thienthanhdiep ($1,330)
NitinProduction ($1,780)
nacotroll ($1,570)
pibrock5 ($1,225)
kraftyvet ($2,875)
al333 ($1,440)

thienthanhdiep is the button.

NitinProduction posts the small blind $25, NIKKOBRAHMS posts the big blind $50.

Preflop: taglius is dealt 2c Ad (8 active)
4 folds, taglius raises to $150, thienthanhdiep folds, NitinProduction calls $125, NIKKOBRAHMS folds.

a bit light for a raise here, but the button, thienthanhdiep is 6 tabling, and the other players don't appear to be good. Maybe I can take it down preflop. NitinProduction calls though, time to be careful.

Flop: 2d Ah Jc ($350, 2 active)
NitinProduction bets $200, taglius raises to $400, NitinProduction calls $200.

Bingo! I flop 2 pair. Nit bets, I raise, she calls. I put her on an Ace, probably not AJ, though since she just calls.

Turn: 2d Ah Jc Js ($1,150, 2 active)
NitinProduction bets $250, taglius calls $250.

Well, this sucks ass - the second J just counterfeited my 2 pair big time. Still, Nit bets small and I feel I have to call.

River: 2d Ah Jc Js 2h ($1,650, 2 active)
NitinProduction bets $350, taglius raises to $920 (all-in), NitinProduction calls $570.

and the death card -the 2 gives me the under boat. I've got her on Ace-something, and when she bets 1/4 pot, that doesn't do anything to get rid of my suspicion. Time to go all in. Well, she didn't have an Ace, she had a Jack, and I was dead from the turn.

Final Pot: $3,490
taglius, net: -$1,720, Lost at showdown, has 2c Ad (a Full House, Twos over Aces)
NitinProduction, net: $1,770, Won at showdown, has Jh Kd (a Full House, Jacks over Twos)
NIKKOBRAHMS, net: -$50, Folded Preflop

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