Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the set-less streak is over

Went a month without flopping trips, finally happened today in a tourney. Got maximum results too b/c two players with monster preflop hands tried to get cute.

Full Tilt (Tournament): $20 + $2, 6 players
Wed May 21 14:34:48 EDT 2008
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greenfi4nd ($1,615)
PokHerAce2 ($1,570)
B92019 ($2,450)
taglius ($4,075)
GuApO61 ($1,585)
0vash0rk ($2,205)

PokHerAce2 is the button.

B92019 posts the small blind $50, taglius posts the big blind $100.

Preflop: taglius is dealt 8s 8c (6 active)
2 folds, greenfi4nd raises to $200, PokHerAce2 calls $200, B92019 folds, taglius calls $100.

greenfi4nd is a multi-tabler, currently playing 4-5 tables. His stats are 7/7, meaning he’s playing only premium cards. Here he raises only twice the big blind – my guess is that he's got AA or KK and trying to get action. PokHerAce was also tight and he just called. Now I've got to call $100 to win $550 I can do this with any 2 cards, let alone 88.

Flop: 8h 4d 7h ($650, 3 active)
taglius checks, greenfi4nd bets $300, PokHerAce2 raises to $600, taglius raises to $1,600, greenfi4nd calls $1,115 (all-in), PokHerAce2 calls $770 (all-in).

A glorious turn of events. I finally hit my set, top set at that, and I put both players on overs. Time for a check. I am rewarded with a lead out of half pot, and a reraise. I put them both all in, and they both call. Nice!

Turn: 8h 4d 7h Th ($5,035, 3 players)

River: 8h 4d 7h Th 8d ($5,035, 3 players)

To add insult to injury, my set of 8s becomes quads on the river!

Final Pot: $4,850
taglius, net: $3,235, Won at showdown, has 8s 8c (Four of a Kind, Eights)
greenfi4nd, net: -$1,615, Lost at showdown, has Kd Kc (Two Pair, Kings and Eights)
PokHerAce2, net: -$1,570, Lost at showdown, has Ac Ah (Two Pair, Aces and Eights)
B92019, net: -$50, Folded Preflop

To review, don’t minraise with KK. And don’t call a minraise with AA letting the blinds in behind you. Get your money in. If KK raises 3x and AA reraises 9x, I fold 88 and then swear when the 8 comes on the flop (this type of thing happened to me at least 5 times today, BTW).

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