Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hilarious hand

ok, we're heads up at the end of a tourney. Opponent is good and aggressive. He raises me in the small blind. I've got JJ, so a reraise. He raises again, I shove, he calls. We show, my JJ to his A7. Nice! Only one overcard, I'm probably a 70-30 favorite. I'm thinking "dodge an ace, dodge an ace, DodgeAnAce, DodgeAnAce, DodgeAnAce".

The flop comes....

Ace Ace Ace.

I shit you not. He flopped quads! I just had to laugh - that's just silly.

Later in the tourney, I flopped my set and pushed into his straight on the turn. Oops. Guess he can thank the Poker Gods for those cards against me tonight.

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