Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ending the night on a high note

This hand defies all logic, so I'll just let the hand history speak for itself. It's getting late in a 6 man, and I was holding on for a good hand. I get AA and flop the overboat. I win!

Full Tilt (Tournament): $10 + $1, 4 players
Tue Jun 17 23:45:07 EDT 2008
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mojofun ($1,110)
412 Mayne ($3,530)
Sniperfire71 ($3,260)
taglius ($1,100)

null is the button.

taglius posts the small blind $50, mojofun posts the big blind $100.

Preflop: taglius is dealt Ah Ad (4 active)
412 Mayne raises to $200, Sniperfire71 folds, taglius raises to $300, mojofun folds, 412 Mayne calls $100.

Flop: 9d As 9s ($700, 2 active)
taglius checks, 412 Mayne checks.

Turn: 9d As 9s 7h ($700, 2 active)
taglius checks, 412 Mayne checks.

River: 9d As 9s 7h Td ($700, 2 active)
taglius bets $800 (all-in), 412 Mayne calls $800.

Final Pot: $2,300
taglius, net: -$1,100, Lost at showdown, has Ah Ad (a Full House, Aces over Nines)
412 Mayne, net: $1,200, Won at showdown, has 9h 9c (Four of a Kind, Nines)
mojofun, net: -$100, Folded Preflop


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