Thursday, June 12, 2008

some Wednesday night poker notes

Tried a $10 “shootout” tourney last night- 8 players playing heads up, winners meet up. Top 2 get paid. Won my first heads up match in dramatic fashion – opponent raised preflop. Every time he raised in the past, he had paint. I had AKo and reraised. He called.

Flop came all low cards (something like 2 6 9). He checked. I fired out a small bet but he called.

Turn came another low card. This time HE bet and I made a mistake by calling. I had overs but the call pot-committed me.

I think the river paired the board. He fired out another bet, bigger this time. It smelled fishy, maybe he had something like A9, or A6, but the bets just didn’t add up to me in the heat of the moment. They didn’t match his betting patterns. Plus I was pot committed anyway. I hit “call” and started typing “gg” when he turned over QJo. I won with Ace high!

In the second heads up – I made flat out mistake. Player was easily readable – raised with good cards, checked with bad cards. Post flop – check/called draws, bet small with middle/bottom pair, bet pot with top pair, shoved with TPTK and beyond. Very consistent.

In the determining hand, he raised preflop, I called with QT. flop came 2 6 T, I bet, he shoved. For whatever reason I abandoned my read and called with TPGK. Unfortunately, he had AT for top pair, better kicker.

Then played a $20 9 man – came in second. Last 4 players was brutal – all good players, all aggressive. We must have gone 20 hands without seeing a flop. It was raise/fold/fold/fold or raise/shove/fold/fold/fold over and over and over. Good poker. Lost heads up when the river filled my gutshot straight but gave villain a baby flush. I had him on top pair or 2 pair. Oh well.

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