Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fast turnaround

As quickly as it comes, it can go too.

Tonight's 2 tourneys were not set up for me. In the second, had a bunch of calling stations to my left - they called big raises with crap like KQo and TT and A5. A5! Then one dude twice would limp in, get raised, then reraise all in! I saw him do this twice - once to me, once to someone else.

Lost some pots, got chopped down. One of the calling stations (stats 44/0) to my left limped in, I shoved with KQs - I knew she would call, but hoped she was in with K9 or somesuch. Nope, A8o. No K/Q comes and I'm done.

I think I played them both ok, just no luck. Off to review...

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