Monday, July 21, 2008

good comeback weekend

Continued a nice comeback for the month last night – 2 tourneys, a 2nd and a 1st place.

Most proud of the first place because there were 2 grinders at the table (1000 tourneys played, ROI +6 and +8). One was multi-tabling but he was to my right so I couldn’t do much to take advantage of him. Mostly I stayed out of his way.

Got a great hand in the second one – a good player raised from the button position, only 2x. He had raised small once before and showed QJo, so I didn’t think this was a trap with a monster. I had 88 and called hoping to flop my set.

And bingo – flop comes 3 8 T, but all spades. Not out of the woods yet. He checks, I fire out a half pot bet. He thinks and calls. Ok, he could be slowplaying a flush...

Then a lovely thing happened – the turn paired the board with a red 3. Now I’m PRAYING he’s got the flush since I’ve boated up. I take a look at his stack and figure out how to chop this into 2 bets so I can get the whole thing. I bet 2/3 pot and he calls again. Maybe he’s got the As and is praying for another spade.

The final card is a Kc. He checks. I decide that he doesn’t have the flush yet, so I bet just under the pot, hoping he’s got enough to call. He thinks until the time is almost over and then calls. He ended up having KT – the river gave him 2 pair. Ouch for him.

The final lucky stroke – I’m the chip leader with 5 players left. I’ve made 2 attempts to knock out the shortstack with a call and failed both times, so it’s me at 4000 and everyone else at about 2000. Then I get AA in the big blind. I figure with my luck, everyone is going to fold to me, but then another lovely thing happens – the shortstack shoves (he had 1700), and the button (2200) shoves over him! I call, of course – I’m up against AJs and KK. Niiiiice. My AA holds up and I’m at 8K to a pair of 2Ks. I play well enough to take them both out and win the tourney.

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