Friday, July 25, 2008

good week continued

Super hot streak came to an end Wednesday, have gone 1 for my last 4 tourney monies. But before that, Saturday - Tuesday was an amazing streak where I doubled my modest Full Tilt bankroll, so I'm still well up. Actually, July is now my best month of the 5 months so far.

Tonight is the live monthly 50 man - will report later. I still remember every hand that has busted or crippled me in this live tourney - and after reviewing, I realize that every one of them was played out of position. My strategy for tonight is position, position, position. I promise to fold or raise from the small blind, and if I get a free play in the big blind, I will try and play "small ball" unless I flop a monster.

Of course, this goes out the window when you play for 3 hours with no cards and catch AT in the small blind (something that happened to me one time). Need to have discipline....

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