Tuesday, July 29, 2008

miserable 2 days

6 in a row out of the money. The first 3 I was the bubble boy-brutal enough. At least I was playing ok.

Tonight, first hand of the first tourney is AA. I raise my normal amount. The worst player at the table reraises me. I reraise him. He shoves. I call. He's got KQs. Exactly what I want, right? Over 80% to win, until a KQ comes on the flop and I'm down $30 in 60 seconds. Nice.

Second tourney I fight for a bit but my M gets low and I lose a race, AT vs 66. I had a flush draw and 2 overcards on the river (15 outs), but none of them came and I'm out in 5th.

Third tourney is another joy - an 18 hand love-fest where a donk player calls my AK raise with Ad8d, then shoves all her chips in with 2 diamonds on the 9dKd5c flop, and of course the Qd comes on the river to knock me out in 6th. Joy. Got my money in as a 63% favorite on that hand.

Tilt City right now - time to shut it down for the night. I've given back half the winnings of my tear from last week - the impressive spike in my PokerTracker graph is now just starting to look like a bigger up/down like I had for the 40 tourneys before.

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