Thursday, July 31, 2008


3 tourneys tonight, one early bustout, and 2 third places. both 3rd places knocked me out with QQ. I had a K in each one but of course they didn't come.

The last tourney irritated me the most because the person who knocked me out was in 64% of the hands, then of course wakes up with QQ when I need to shove. They say "that's poker", I say it's crap.

Actually, I was lucky to money that last one at all - I had ONE HAND worth playing - a KK - and had 2 all ins with it - a JJ and a TT! Fortunately I dodged the 4 outs and tripled up. That allowed me to coast through my junk cards until the bubble. I made a move or two on the bubble and thought I was dead when people kept calling me, but I was able to keep the pot small and escape. Overall, 3 hours played tonight, $9 profit. Whoopee.

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