Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bit of success

2 moneys last night - took first in a $30 9 man, and second in a $20 6 man (I played a six man b/c I was short on time, and went down to $20 b/c this isn't my normal game).

Last hand of the night was interesting - was dealt the 2 black 5s while heads up, flop came 3c 6c 7c, so a 4 gives me a straight, a club a (small) flush, or a 5 gives me trips. Bad player shoves over my lead bet. I decide to call, even though I know I'm probably behind. He turns over just what I think he will - Q7 for top pair, but no club. I've got 14 outs (9 clubs, 3 more 4s, 2 more 5s). It doesn't work out when the Ad and Kd finish the board, but it turns out I was actually a favorite after the flop, so I guess I made a decent call, even though I didn't feel like I was at the time.

Tonight I've been invited to a cash game - $1 big blind, only a $40 buy in. This short stack changes strategy - I don't think implied odds are there for setmining and suited connectors (unless both me and an opponent have bigger stacks), so my plan will be a few position plays and waiting for big cards and driving them hard when they hit.

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