Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 tourneys - $32.

Played 4 $20 six-man tourneys tonight, and my luck was pretty good overall, I guess. I took first and second place in 2, bubbled one, and in the fourth I lost a race with AK and then got VERY unlucky on the river to bust out fourth.

In that last one, I shoved with KT of spades. My M was less than 4, this was the right play. A bad player called me. Then a good player shoved over him, and like a donk he called again! Donk showed 77, good player showed JJ. Ok, not the end of the world, maybe I can hit a K and triple up.

No king, but by the turn I had a flush and was looking good. The flop was 8s 8h 3s 6s, so all I had to fade was a jack, eight, or 7. Of course, the river came an 8 and the good player 4 outed me and the donkey. I was 85% to win that hand on the turn.

In the tourney that I bubbled I made a poor overshove - I had A7o in the big blind, button raised me. He had done this several times before, so I figured him on a steal (even though his PFR was under 10). He insta-called me with AK. I probably could have let that one go.

The first tourney was the luckiest yet. I played 6 hands. In the first hand, 3 people went out and there were only three left! Then, my internet connection died. I kicked and swore and spat but couldn't get it working. I finally rebooted my PC and, 10 minutes later (I checked my logs, it was really 10 minutes), I got back in. There were only 2 players left! However, I only had 400 chips left, so I shoved my next hand (97o), but he had AT and knocked me out. I suppose coming in second in a tourney that you missed most of can be considered some of that hidden luck, going my way for once.

For the month, I'm down $135. I also noticed that I'm almost dead even for the last 90 tournies or so (3 months) Need to keep cranking...

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