Monday, September 22, 2008

the comeback trail continues

First, the real life news, my little one Sophia got a 96% on her first math test of the year. This is a big accomplishment, indeed. Sophia is a solid B student - but it doesn't come as naturally to her as it does to her older sister Gabriella. She has to work a bit harder. She also succumbs to test anxiety, which can lead to the occasional crash and burn test every once in awhile. However, for this material, we were able to work with her several times, and I spoke with her a long time about not being nervous. I felt like she really knew her stuff, so I told here there was no need to worry. And, thankfully, it paid off.

When I got home from work today, the first thing I asked her was "did you get your math test back?". She replied "no", but she had that little "I'm fibbing" grin on her face, so I knew what was up. I had to find it. After I changed clothes and went to the old PC to check email, there it was, taped to my monitor.

In poker, 2 tournies tonight - took third in a 9 man and second in a 6 man. In the first, I was shortstack on the bubble and should have been shoving a very wide range, but there were 2 poor players still in the game and I felt like one of them would make a mistake before I would become blinded out. This intuition paid off - someone busted out and put me in third. I might have gotten farther - too - I got all my money in with AK vs A9, but the bigstack spiked a 9 and out I was.

After tourney 1, I waffled a bit between playing again and retiring early, but Sharkscope made up my mind for me - I quickly found a $30 6-man rated "triple fishy" with only 3 players entered so far! Holy cow. I quickly signed up.

Nobody at the table had played more than 169 tourneys (I'm not much farther out at 229). The ROIs at the table were -36, -34, -23, +10,
+60 (only 9 games played) and me at +24.

I wish I could say I totally duped some fish into giving me all of his chips, but this wasn't the case. I never quite got the cards. My biggest win was an all-in race (me 88 vs. his AQo) that kept me in the running.

My headsup opponent was pretty transparent - he liked to bluff with pot size bets, but bet smaller for value. He also overshoved a few times - not sure what those were b/c I didn't have anything to call with (my guess was 2 pair+). The last hand I shoved K6s and he called with A4 - it held up. ICM says this was an easy shove (actually an "unexploitable" shove) considering our chip stacks, so I have no qualms about getting knocked out in 2nd on this one. I still need some ICM practice, though - I reviewed my headsup hands and there were many I should have shoved that I did not.

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