Sunday, September 7, 2008

my, what fun.

When you get all your money in the middle with QQ vs. a desparate short stack, and an aggro-tard, and they both turn over AKo, that's good, right? Their hands interfere with each other, and you stand to triple up, right?

In fact, Pokerstove says I'm 65% to win the hand - over double the pot equity of the 33% I need to win the hand. What a brilliant play. I get all my money in the middle with 4 outs to beat me.

So when not one but TWO of those outs come on the AK4 flop - I'm supposed to focus on the great decision I made and not the horrendous suckout by two bad players to put me out in 7th place, right?

It ain't easy.

In other news, I've decided to drop back down to $20 tourneys - not for bankroll reasons, but to work on ICM and endgame stuff. My $30 tourney stats are about 0 ROI, and I've got quite a few bubbles. I'm going to do some reading and practice on endgame/bubble play before I move back up.

Didn't get that far with my QQ tonight.

I will say that the play on the $20 table looked much more ragged than the $30 tables I've been on recently. Lots of mistakes - like going all in on second pair and on flush draws and such. Hope that helps my stats...

Took 2nd in the 2nd tourney - the bubble was a harrowing affair where I went from chip leader down to 4th place then back up to 4 almost dead-equal chipstacks (I wonder what ICM says about that). The bubble did break, though (I wasn't involved), and then I took out the third place finisher to get us heads up. I got it all in again with QQ, this time against K8. Was 72% to win, but alas, lost again to a King on the flop.

Maybe I should just play at the end of the month, seem to do much better then.

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