Friday, September 5, 2008

friday nights on fulltilt

guess the bad players (and drinkers) come out on Fulltilt on Fridays. I usually don't play online Friday b/c of my home game, but tonight the home game didn't happen, so I logged on. Here is a gorgeous sharkscope grid of the $30 table I played at:

Yup, that's $11,000 lost by three players. Beautiful. I was up to 5000 chips in 8 hands. First all in was against the bottom player, I raised his big blind from the small blind with AQ, he must have thought it was a steal b/c he shoved. I thought "great, out in 6 hands", but I called since his stats were so bad and he had Q9. Q9! Hah! Avoided the deadly 9 and doubled up.

Very next hand I get AKo. Good player raises me, I call in position (haven't been 3 betting AK in position lately, let's take a flop and see what happens in a tourney situation). Bad player in the blind shoves over us for the apparent squeeze. Original raiser folds, I figure my call probably disguised the strength of my hand so I call. He shows AQ! Again the 3 outer avoids me and I'm up to 5000.

The old hidden luck was a factor again. Got KK twice, one I raised and everyone folded, once I was in the BB and everyone folded to me. Got AA once, even got a caller, but the final board was 6789T (I kid you not) and villain shoved. Had to get away from that one - any J beats me.

I end up coming in second. Player who came in first was one of the three bottom fishies, he always overbet when he had a weak hand (like bottom pair) - not once did I catch a hand to call his overbet with (I would have gladly called it with top pair, my read was so good). He was also in love with any Ace, no matter the kicker. Finally got AK, he raised me, figured he was probably playing A6 or something, we reraised until we got it all in. nope, he had JJ and I lost the 50-50 race for the zillionth time this week.

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