Monday, September 29, 2008


ok, got my KK vs. AA hands out of the way for awhile - 2nd hand I played in a $20 6 man tonight - lost all my chips. Played it perfectly - would have gotten paid off the JJ/QQ/TT on the same flop. Didn't affect me mentally - that's a good sign.

Hopped on another tourney minutes later. 15 hands in, I get AA, raise it up, get a shover, then a caller. Hmmm. I call. I'm up against KK and 9Ts. Looks ok, until the flop comes 778 - dude flops an open ender, just to give me a heart attack. Fortunately the turn and river brick and I triple up. So we're even on the AA/KK luck, I guess.

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