Friday, October 17, 2008

the donkeys win tonight

ugh, bad poker all around, and I fell for it.

guy limps UTG, I raise with AQ. Donkey calls the raise. Board ends up with two sixes and two fours. I bet with my Ace high, figuring I either win or we chop. Guy raises me up, I figure he's got an ace too, now. Nope, he had 56s, which he played under the gun, against a raiser. Delightful.

Next tourney, donkey limps (this particular donkey had played 16 of the first 20 hands for an 80% VPIP) - I raise him up with TT. He calls. Flop comes A J 7. We both check. Turn comes a 4 - he checks, I bet, he calls. River comes another 4. I bet, he raises. What's he got now, a 4? No way. Nope, he had AK. He slowplayed his top pair. Beautiful.

I will now place my head into a boiling pot of water on the stove.

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