Monday, October 20, 2008

bad decisions tonight...

two bombouts and one third place finish tonight.

first bombout was fine - Made a great ICM call of an all in - I put the pusher on a wide range, and was absolutely right to call him with AJ, and he turned over the exact hand I was hoping for - A4. Then he hit his 4 on the flop and down I went.
Nothing to do there.

Second one, though, was horrible - I lost a couple hands in a row and was slightly steamed (not too much, but enough). Raised it up from the small with K9 - big blind - the only good player at the table - raised me all in. This was an overbet - had he minraised me or normally raised me, I might have just folded, but the overbet seemed suspicious. Nope - he had AK. Dominated and out.

Last tourney, played well until the end - I did get into a race with AK vs a pair and hit a KKA flop, so that was nice. Then I raised 66, the same player shoved over me - this time HE had AK, but I hit a set on the flop to surely put him in the looney bin. Big fun.

The player who ended up taking me out was playing jam or fold - if he put any money in, it was all in. Quite an odd move, if you ask me, especially when the blinds are 20-40 and you're putting 1300 in. But it was working. His PokerTracker stats said he was in 11% of the pots, so I whipped out Pokerstove and figured out what 11% was. Came up with this range:


So, when I would get a decent hand, I would put it quickly in vs. this range to see how it fared to see if I might consider calling or not. For example, once I got A9. Worth a call? Not unless you want to be 63-37 it isn't. Then we got to three handed and he shoved. I had 77. I thought RACE! and hit call. He had AK and won the race. As it turned out, 77 is only 43% vs. the range above, so my call wasn't very good. When you take ICM into effect, and the fact that we were all about equal in chips, this was a horrible call - something like -3%. Egads, I suck.

So there you go - two bad decisions, one suckout, makes for a -$30 night.

My month is just under water, -3% ROI, but I've only played 18 tourneys in 20 days. I have a week's vacation coming up next week, and there is a lot of poker in my future. Not sure if that's good or bad...

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