Thursday, October 30, 2008

looks like I can multitable now - and October analysis

Played in a $1 + 0.25 buy in matrix tourney on Full Tilt and took second place overall. Finish places were 1, 3, 3, 3 - so I moneyed in all 4 tourneys (lots of bad play down in the $1 levels, ooo-fa).

Next, I played in a $5.50 buy in matrix, and took third overall. This one featured one first place finish and 3 bombouts (including some suckouts against me to keep my tilt-foo strong).

Finally, I went for some true multi-tabling - I ran 2 simultaneous $10+1 SNGs.

Not so worried about my play - just my ability to follow the action. I was able to do so, even take a few notes as I went. I even had to answer a phone call while all 4 tables were up in the first matrix tourney.

More practice needed before I'm comfortable multitabling up in my regular bankroll level, but it's a good start. This is one of the things I wanted to work on during my vacation - so mission accomplished.

Another thing I did today was fire up Poker Academy Prospector to look at my October stats.
Prospector has all of the same information as PokerTracker, but it's arranged much better. There's a "leak report" that shows your play by position, with certain holdings, etc. Actually, this leak report takes the exact format of a post from Pokey on the 2+2 forums - it's almost certain that one of the Prospector authors used this post as the basis of the leak report. (the original post is here).

Anyway, I found out that I lost a boatload of money this month on medium pairs. I was able to go into the hands and figure out if it was bad play or bad luck. Here were my 9 top money losers with medium pairs:

I called a shove with 77. There were 3 players left, and I had 15 BB. No need to race for all your chips with well over 10 BB. This is a mistake.

Heads up, shoved TT, ran into AA. Played ok. (got money in behind, but TT well within shoving range)

TT - hit a set on an all heart board, vastly overplayed by shoving to keep away flush. Villain had Ah, called, and hit his flush. I could have played this slower and got away, especially if a 4th flush card hits, Mistake.

JJ - called an all-in from a bad player, who turned out to have Qc3c (ooo-fa), and of course hit his flush. Ok

JJ - ran into QQ. Ok

JJ - got it in vs 66, villain hit his set. Ok.

TT - playing a strange player. Misread opponent who had AK, hit an ace on the turn, and "slowplayed" one pair.
Have to put this in the mistake category b/c of the misread.

88 - shove 10 BB, called by TT. Ok.

TT - 16 Big Blind overshove - called by KJ, lost a race. This one could go either way. If I felt like I had fold equity on the player, I think this move is ok. However, villain started off with 540, raised to $210, then left himself with 3-1 odds to call my all-in bet, so he was definitely getting the right price to call. If I have no fold equity here, then I think I need to have the best hand, which I suppose I do most of the time with TT. I could have simply folded (seems weak with TT), or called (even worse, calling over 20% of your stack to setmine), so raising seems correct by the process of elimination.

Final tally - 3 mistakes, 5 ok plays that didn't work out, and one oddball that could go either way. 2 of the three mistakes fall under the same theme: overplaying medium pairs when greater than 10 BB. Even if you're the low stack at the table, all is not yet lost with 15-18 BB, and you don't necessarily have to overshove - a fold might be the best way out with action in front of you (especially from a tight player).

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