Friday, October 3, 2008

there are hands where you're supposed to go broke

It's been another rough night for me at the .5-$1 live game. I started off well - won a couple pots with AK, but then lost a buy in on a 3-way all in (I did have a small overlay, but it didn't work out for me), and I've lost a few more chips now into my second buyin. I've got about $25 left, and the night is coming to a close, when I get JJ under the gun. I raise it up and get one caller.

The flop comes A-A-J. Looks good on paper, but I know that I won't be able to shut out the guy if he's got an Ace, and if he pairs his other card, he'll overboat me. We both check the flop.

The turn comes a 7. I lead out and he calls. I'm sure he's got an ace now.

The river comes a 2. I like this card - I don't think he called my preflop raise with A2. I bet out. He says "I put you all in". Well, I figure he's either got AK and I win, or AJ/A7 and I lose. I only have $11 bucks left and the pot is $30, so of course I'm not folding my underboat.

My initial read was right about him having an Ace. What I didn't count on was his having two. Dude flopped quad aces on me, and I had the misfortune of flopping the boat.

Like the title says, there are hands that you're supposed to lose all your money on. This is certainly one of those hands. It has been my luck in this Thursday game, though, to get at least one of those a night - a hand you can't fold but you're beat from the getgo. Last time it was a free play from the big blind with K8 and a flop of 8-8-4. Any way you're folding that for 40 big blinds? No way. You shove it in and hope the guy doesn't have 4-4 or A-8. He had A-8. You flop the underboat with 25 BB on the table, you get it in there and hope it's good.

So far in this game, it hasn't ever been good.

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