Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this is fun, right?

lots of work multitabling today. Purchased Full Tilt Shortcuts today and learned how to use it on both the play money and matrix tables. 4 tables is tough for me right now - will continue to play the very low levels until the game slows down for me.

The problem with multitabling is that I can't take my notes regarding bet sizes and hands. I still have PokerTracker3, but I learn a great deal studying bet sizes and when people vary them, it usually means something. I may have to write a piece of software that pulls this info out of the pokertracker DB...

The poker itself has not been great to me. 2-outers (KK vs. 55), sets getting beat by turned flushes (they go all in on semibluff against my set, then hit). I turned 4th place overall in both a $2 and a $5 matrix tourney. Won a little money in each one, but not enough to cover the buyin.

Ended the night single tabling a $30 - 9-man - cards were dreadful. Took two shots at the blinds, got reraised both times. Ok, that's out. With 5 left, I got AKs and and aggressive player 2 to my right raised it up. I was ready to shove over him when the player in between went all in before I could. He was a tight player so I thought I might be dead to call here, but things had been so bad I ended up convincing myself to call anyway. Original raiser folded and we were off - he had JJ. Best I could have hoped for, especially with the dead money in the pot from the original raise.

My mood improved considerably when I hit my Ace on the turn, but then a jack on the river two-outed me and sent me to poker tiltville. That was my cue to call it a night.

Tomorrow morning we bury my last grandparent - 93 years old. She had a great run....

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