Thursday, October 23, 2008

ye gods

Up to three tourney losses in a row as a big favorite now - had a truly, truly horrible player at my table - saw him call raises with 7To, limped into the pot from early position with 5To. No, really.

Waited patiently for the hand to get him - then I got it, JJ. Not the AA I wanted but good enough. I raised, he raised over me, I shoved, he called.... with Qc3c. (they were soooooted!). Gotta dodge a Queen and clubs...

2 clubs on the flop, one on the turn, and down goes Frazier. Sick. This time, I was 69% to win b/c he had an over, but still plenty edge to get my money in as a favorite.

2nd tourney, I raise up with 99 and TT twice, get shoved over both times, have to let them go. Then, bad player steals my BB three times in a row. The fourth time, I shove over him with 8Ts - of course he's got AQ this time, calls, and hits both the A and Q. At least I broke the string of getting my money in good and losing - this time I got my money in bad and lost.

3rd tourney, got short and tilty, shoved with 33, got 2 callers, one with AQ, one with AT. Caught a nice break dodging cards left and right and had it hold up to triple up. But it was short lived - guy to my left, a veteran with 28 tourneys played, caught hand after hand and beat me several hands in a row to knock me to short stack. Finally shoved with K9 - he called with AQ (yet another hand), and I was gone.

Not a fun couple days here. Tomorrow is the live monthly tourney - hope I used up all my bad luck tonight.

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