Tuesday, October 21, 2008

suckout central, get your tickets here

6 man - we get to 3. Too early to ICM-it, so I'm just playing tight for awhile. Guy to my left is huge stack, me and the other guy are about 1200-1300. Big stack doesn't raise often enough, so I'm hanging on.

Take a hit when he limps, I get free BB with Q9 - I value bet turn and river, he calls, shows QT. Ugh. Interesting conversation develops - he asks why I would bet that Q with a straight on the board. (4 6 7 8). I tell him that I don't put him on a 5 with that limp. He says "I might have had 2 of them". I reply "Then the correct play is to raise". He says - "I hate getting money in with small pair here, either of you could go all in at any time". Ok, interesting note.

Just then I get JJ and shove it in. He calls and says "guess I lied". He shows 66. Beautiful!.... until he hits his set and bubbles me. Aaaargh! Great read, great hand, dominated, LOSE.

Second tourney, get AcKc, raise it up. 2 bad players call me. Flop comes Jh Kd 7s. First bad player minbets - she's done this a dozen times already - it means she has nothing. Second bad player raises. I shove it in. I'm sure I'm ahead - almost 100% sure. Second bad player calls - he's got K8, and he went all in on top pair, no kicker. I'm 82% to win, but with the way my luck is going tonight, I'm pretty sure an 8 is coming in the next two cards. It does.

So there you have it - two hands over 80% to win, all my money in the middle, two losses. That's big fun right there.

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