Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I exist!

Work brought me to Manhattan this week - Sunday thorugh Thursday, and no poker except for some books on the plane and watching the final WSOP table last night. Got to stroll around Manhattan last evening, looking for souveneirs for the wife/kids.

As a Clevelander, I'm sure I totally look the part of tourist walking around the big Apple, looking up at all the architecture and marveling at the scope of the city.

Got home this evening, caught up on a zillion emails and blog entries, then squeezed in a $10 9 man. Even won the thing. My heads opponent was not a good player, and much too aggressive - I was going to confidently checkraise him with KQ on a Q56 rainbow flop, but he checked behind. I then got a bit worried b/c this guy seemed to bet everything in sight, and the few checks I saw were followed by large bets later in the hand, like he was slowplaying. When a 9 came on the turn, and a second club, I decided to lead out. He raised me. I had seen him raise people and then fold, so I still wasn't convinced I was behind. In the end, I chose the "he's a bad player" logic and shoved it in. He called all-in with no pair but 2 clubs, and I avoided the river flush to knock him to 2000 chips. The final blow was a 78 for me, AK for him, and me hitting trip 7s on the flop.

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Bumstead said...


Haven't seen you on Poker Academy in awhile. I always like the challenge of playing against you. I like the blog; I will try to keep up with it. Fighting through microstake tournaments at Absolute (cause they gave me the money) right now. Tough road to haul. See you around.