Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the hazards of multitabling

Yesterday afternoon I was playing in one of the Full Tilt matrix tourneys, using the Full Tilt Shortcuts software from Windy Hill. This software lets you set up hotkey shortcuts for all of the common actions, and automatically moves your mouse focus to the table that next requires attention.

It does a good job of highlighting the active table with an impossible-to-miss red border, but yesterday I missed it anyway. I saw a table with AKo in early position, and hit the "B" key to open the betting. Small problem, though- that wasn't the active table.

The active table had 4 limpers and I had just raised it up to 7x BB with... 69 offsuit. D'oh!

Everyone folded except for one limper. The flop came J J 9. I hit! I decided that if the limper had a J, well, good for him. I shoved the rest of my chips in and got a fold.

That hand was lucky, but not the real reason that I'm lucky today. I went downstairs this morning and found this little note from my 9 year old - totally unsolicited. Not bad for a degenerate gambler in training.

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Memphis MOJO said...

There's one thing better than a royal flush -- a note like this one.