Monday, December 1, 2008

interesting start to November...

Got caught up on some work in the morning, then fired up a $5 matrix tourney on Full Tilt at 1pm. Things started off goofy, as is the norm recently - couldn't decide whether top pair was good when I had to call a pot size bet - pocket pairs missing sets every time, etc.

Then, to test my resolve further, my internet connection went out. I tried rebooting my wireless router and my DSL modem, but it wouldn't come back. I tried rebooting my PC (which takes 4-5 minutes), no dice. My kids computers didn't have internet either (they connected to my wireless router). Tilt was very high.

So, I went downstairs to watch the
Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet cheating piece on 60 minutes, which I had Tivoed. Then, I came upstairs to start fiddling with the internet again. I was able to temporarily get it working by plugging my PC directly into my cable modem, bypassing my router.

Out of curiosity, I checked to see if the Full Tilt tourney was still going on. It was just ending. My results while not present - 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, and 5th place. I won $5.40 on a $5.50 investment, folding my way into the money in 3 cases. Odd.

So I'm down .10 on the month up to that point.

Matrix tourney #2 - some good results - I finish 1st, 2nd, and 2nd in 3 of the 4 tourneys, and second overall. In 3 of the tourneys, I got my money in ahead and lost, so I played well.

On the day, I played 5 tourneys (2 matrix). Won a little money in each of those, won a 9 man, bubbled in another (on a suckout, getting my money in way ahead). Finally, played a $5 heads-up with Tony and won it - made two big hands early and then jabbed and parried my way to the victory there. I'm playing super small stakes on the matrix tourneys - $5, to get comfortable multitabling. My winnings today were $28.65, for a hefty 65 ROI. After my abysmal performance lately, a nice day- I'll take it.

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