Sunday, December 28, 2008

the secret to online dominance...

I have found the secret - very simple, really....

Play on Saturday night.

I played in three tourneys last night, two were rated "double fishy" tables by (oh, sharkscope is another secret to online dominance, well-worth the money). I took first in one tourney and second in another.

An example of the quality of opponent - I raised up 2 limpers with AKo. 2 people behind me called, as well as the two limpers. We were 5 to the flop. (ugh).

The flop comes AJ9. I lead out - no need to get fancy here. One caller. I'm worried about broadway straight draws (QT/KT-ish type hands).

The turn bricks that draw. I bet again - opponent goes over the top, all in. Do I really want to go broke with top pair? Well, the villain is rated as poor on sharkscope, so I figure there's a good chance my kicker is better, so I call...

Villain had J2, both spades. There were no spades on the board. She had called a 5x preflop raise with J2 suited. I manage to fade the 5 outer (2 jacks, 3 twos) and win a big early pot.

Sharkscope Double fishy action - it's the best!

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