Sunday, December 28, 2008

fun can go away in a hurry

I limped behind a limper early with 99 tonight, when someone on the button raises it 4x. I was all set to fold but the first limper called, and I decided to take a shot with my pair and setmine.

The results were even better - a flop of K99 - I flopped quads! The original raiser bet, and both me and the original limper called.

The turn was another King - a horrible card for me. Now nobody without a king is calling. The board checked around.

The river blanks and I have to bet to get something in the pot. I pray one of them, maybe both, has a King, or this pot won't be big enough. Fortunately, the original raiser puts all in, so he has a king. (what if he has 2 kings? Gadzooks, that would be a fun story). I call his all in and he shows the expected AK. Whew.

Very next hand, I get a cheap play with 44. The flop brings nothing, but I get to see a free card, and it hits a lovely 4. The river pairs a King, so I have a a boat. I bet small and get paid off.

A great start - 4400 chips, but it isn't enough to make the money. I call a shortstack shover with AQs (a fine ICM call), but villain has AK and I get put back to even. Then some bad cards and I end up short. My very first ICM shove, with J6s, is called by AJ, so I don't even have 2 live cards, and I'm gone.

Second tourney, I play 3 hands and lose them all - the last is an overshove with 11 BB with AK. Villain calls with 66 and I lose the race.

My quads/boat combo, along with perfect ICM play, net me a negative 30 on the night. My month still looks good, though...

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