Wednesday, December 10, 2008

victory of sorts

soooo proud of how I played tonight. no cards early at all, stayed focused, stayed ok. ICM moves when short all worked for once - either all folds, and a victorious race (my 33 his AT). Got 4 handed, played the bubble to get out of trouble, let the big stacks knock out the shorty. At 3 handed, the big stacks decided to bump uglies on a big pot and I was heads up, at a 5-1 chip disadvantage.

But I turned it around. I had this guy spun so many ways to Sunday - I know I was in his head. I raised his button until he fought back, then laid back and played my position. Then I put out feeler bets on the flop until he got sick of that, he eventually raised me, so I folded. Next hand, another feeler bet, he raised, but I had top pair - I reraised. He folded. Then I reraised a feeler bet again, this time with nothing, again he folded.

The final hand, he raised, I called with AT. flop came 2 5 T. I checked, he bet, I checkraised all in. He thought for a second and called - he had 99. Fantastic set of events by me - I had him all backwards and crap - he didn't know what the hell was going on. I had him with 2 outs to beat me.

The fact that the 9 came on the river (I shit you not) didn't even bug me tonight. I get mad at suckouts by horrible players (like Mr. K5 last night) - this guy was decent and I had outplayed him, and that was the important part.

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bastinptc said...

It's about time. Try to hold on to the good feeling.