Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 wins

2 tourneys - 2 first place tonight. Looked bleak for awhile in both of them - then went from worst to first in 2 consecutive hands in the first, crawled my way back into contention in the second.

In the first, I got a 10-1 chip lead while headsup and shoved (97o), other player woke up with TT and won - then he tried to taunt me. "you got greedy and got your a## handed to you, ha-ha".

I wrote. "uh, I was up 10-1, I was shoving any 2". He stopped chatting after that. A bit afterwards, I limped in with AQ and induced a shove with QJ. I dominated him and avoided the suckout to knock him out.

In the second, headsup player was inexperienced and every bet meant just what you thought it did. Blinds were astronomically high and I was shoving everything - he was calling nothing. He finally called AJ vs. my K8 and I hit my K to win it.

I'm playing very well at the moment, I think - not getting unlucky, and get just lucky enough. All that is making for a very nice January - a 48% online ROI, and of course a big score last Friday.

This weekend is the motorcycle show in Cleveland - I am going to take some of my Friday night tourney winnings and splurge on something fun. I need a new helmet, and I'm going to find some T-Shirts as well. I miss riding very much around this time of year as my Victory 8-ball sits in the front of my garage with a sheet over it. [boo hoo]

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