Monday, January 26, 2009


got tricked in 2 tourneys tonight.

the first was a bad play by me. I was in the big blind with 77, and had like 7 BB left. There were 2 limpers, and I shoved over them, needing a doubleup. One of them had Kings and was laying a trap. I shouldn't have shoved into two people - they easily had odds to call, with a lot worse hands than KK.

In the second, I was on a little rush and raised under the run with 99. An inexperienced player called me (for like half his stack). The flop came KQx and he checked. and I bet into him and got checkraised all in, for only 1030 more chips. I made the mandatory call (with like 21-1 odds) and he had AK. Not too big a deal, I probably would have put him all-in anyway

That cut me back down to an average stack. I fought my way to the bubble (needed an ICM doubleup - my T4 vs. AJ, hah). The bubble lasted forever, until stacks were 250-500. The same inexperienced player (to my right) kept throwing a wrench into things by limping, but the stacks were so I high I thought he might WTF call my shove-overs, so I was folding more than I wanted. He finally bowed out in 4th place. I had 4 BB left and shoved into the big stack with my first hand - Jack high, got called by Ace Rag and was out in 3rd.

Net on the night - -$4. Not too bad, I guess, seeing as I was tricked twice in 2 tourneys.

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