Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 - first year in review

2008 marks my first "serious" year as a student of Texas Hold'em. Let's review my numbers a bit and see where I am at this year-end milestone...


All play done at Full Tilt, starting March 3. My results by month are shown in the screenshot - 8 positive months, 2 negative. Total winnings - $1120. Total ROI - 15.78%. In the money (ITM)% - 45.3, just under half the time, I'm in the money. According to, my online winnings rate my in the 97.97 percentile - the top 2.03% of all players! Not shown in the graphic is my dollas per hour - a whopping $3.96. Yes, I could have made more money in the same amount of time handing out shopping carts at Wal-Mart, but I wouldn't have had the pleasure of getting my Aces cracked by K5 sooooted, then, would I? (on second thought, I wonder if Wal-Mart is hiring...)

I also have a small 2200 cash game hands on Full Tilt - the net result here is a negative $70 - my schedule lends itself better to the sit-n-go, since I know the game will end in a finite amount of time, and I can get some sleep and go earn a real living the next day.


I started keeping a spreadsheet of live Poker results in early August. Since that time, I have net a positive $148.50 in winnings. This includes the $458 Mountaineer disaster, as well as a plus $810 for two second place finishes in the local Waterbury tourney. It does not include the cool $1000 first place finish in the same tourney in February (before I started recordkeeping) , so it is safe to say my net live play was also a positive number.

Overall, more green numbers than red, and many more positive pointing signs than negative. I must say I'm pleased overall. I feel like my live play is getting better as I play more often, and I'm right on the cusp of starting to multitable at Full Tilt, which should bump up my hourly rate. As recent posts have shown, I still have plenty of leaks to fix - so I need to stay humble and ready to learn. But it's a nice start.


bastinptc said...


HNY and thanks for your blog. I am rooting for you and learning from you as well.

Memphis MOJO said...

I found your nice blog via bastin. Also wishing you HNY.

El Forrest Gumpo said...

Really solid result Matt. It's interesting to look at a tournament players results versus cash games.