Tuesday, January 20, 2009

between a donk and a loose passive place.

4 tourneys -

2nd place in my first tourney. Yay. Best news of the night by far.

Lost a race in the second - low on chips, needed a doubleup, shoved 88 into AK and lost the standard race. I'm up $5 on the night.

Tourney 3 - I play 9J for free in the big, flop comes J44 - I bet out, horrible player shoves his last chips. I call his all in - I'm pretty short myself. He's got 55 and is down to 2 outs... which is hits on the river to stack me. Down $6.

Tourney 4
- (a sharkscope four-fishy extravaganza, I might add) - got into a 3 way all-in with 2 REAL BAD players, I had AKs. One had QQ, the other had...AT. He called a 2 way all in with AT. Fantastic. And his ace is one of my outs...

Flop doesn't help, but the miracle Ace hits the turn, and I'm ahead of both of them... but the AT fishy rivers a ten and 3 outs me. I would have tripled up but instead get cut in half after building up a decent stack.

I then endure a horrible run of cards, misplay 99 badly to almost end it, but double up on JJ when Mr AT-58/3 calls my all in with...8To. He owed me one after the 3 outer.

We get to the bubble. There are 2 calling stations at my table - Mr AT, and another guy whose running 56/11. I can't raise anyone off a hand, and my cards suck. It's an awful spot to be in. All I can do is hope one of the donks makes a mistake and knocks me into the money....

JT on the button and 6 BB... all in? Nope, idiot will call with anything. Fold it.

J6s - Fold.

T5s in the big - missed flop against the calling stations. Fold.

Now 5.2 big blinds. J2o in the small. Fold vs. both calling stations and the big.

Now 4.7 BB. I finally make a stand with QT. Of course one of the donks has already limped in front of me. I shove, but he has odds to call now.. with K7o. Nobody hits and I bubble. In the 4 fishy extravaganza, I bubble.

Down $17 on the night.

One of my fellow Poker Academy players, Sandman, made a a defeated post tonight, claiming he's giving up the game. Can't take the ridculousness of it anymore. I know where that comes from. I busted hump all night, played almost every hand well, avoided going broke on my mistakes, and walked away from the trainwreck down $17. Anything else more productive I could have done with those 2.5 hours? I'm pretty sure I could have thought of something...

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Memphis MOJO said...

The sick thing is you actually want them to call two all-ins with A-10! Poker is a paradox sometimes.